Visual Inspection

HTT will check for concealed defects before performing more rigorous testing. 




Eddy Current Testing

HTT utilizes the Eddy Current inspection system. Professionally competent visual inspections are a key element in the proper maintenance of gas cylinders, with the inspection of neck threads being an important part of this process. Eddy Current testing identifies 100% of small imperfections such as hairline cracks and folds in the neck/shoulder area of aluminum cylinders.




Hydrostatic Testing

HTT utilizes computerized hydrostatic testing systems capable of testing high pressure cylinders of varying psi in a state of the art and high production environment. All cylinders are inspected visually and hydrostatically according to DOT and CGA standards.



Internal Cleaning Service

HTT utilizes an abrasive cleaning technique for removing rust, scale and oxidation from cylinders. We offer this service to customers who need their cylinder to be cleaned internally, however, it may be required in some cases for the purposes of an internal visual inspection.




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